We've gotten some questions about our partnership with Strange Bedfellas. Here are some answers:

We've gotten some questions about our partnership with Strange Bedfellas. Here are some answers:

Are you telling me I can really buy Strange Bedfellas toys in Europe without having to get them shipped from the US?

Yes, very soon! Dirty Birdy Toys has partnered with Strange Bedfellas to be their exclusive EU partner. We will start with a limited lineup of their best selling designs and make them in Portugal according to Strange Bedfellas’ strict standards. Shipping will be cheaper, faster, and more reliable. In addition, you’ll have a whole new selection to choose from. We’ll be looking at doing drops, for those of you who need your exclusives. We’ll also be keeping a regular inventory for those of you who prefer to shop at a more leisurely pace. 

Who are the Dirty Birdies?

Stephanie has over a decade of experience in the sex toy industry; first, as a store owner, and as of about 4 years ago, a maker. She started designing and pouring silicone toys to stock the shelves of her store and then started selling them to other stores and customers in North America. When Covid came along, it was clear that it was time to close up the store and focus on making toys. Then it was time to start working toward a lifelong dream of moving overseas. Many (many) months and more than a few moves across the US later, here we are in Portugal! While Stephanie’s name is on the letterhead, her wife is the one who keeps things running behind the scenes. She’s the head number cruncher, shipping and logistics manager, and all-around taskmaster/cheerleader.

How did this partnership with Strange Bedfellas come about?

Meesh and her husband have been friends for a while! Stephanie and the SB’s were part of a community in Austin, TX that is really, really far removed the sex toy world. When they all learned they were also in the same “biz”, there was obviously a lot to chat about. Stephanie regularly offered the SB’s advice about business and retail, and eventually started featuring their monsters at her shop. In turn, Meesh has provided Stephanie with pretty much a master class in silicone pouring. Meesh’s husband has been equally generous with his time in giving tips and tricks for getting better at 3d modeling and mold-making. All this has helped Stephanie learn and grow as a dong-smith. Aside from all the dildo talk, they also have a regular D&D game that they’ve been able to keep going over Zoom through Covid and international moves. 

How do we know we can trust you with our beloved Strange Bedfellas?

The thing is, you’ve already been trusting the Dirty Birdies with some of Strange Bedfella’s toys! In between closing the retail shop and moving overseas, Stephanie was helping Strange Bedfellas out by pouring some of their toys behind the scenes. It gave Stephanie a great opportunity to improve her fancy color swirling skills, learn more about the Strange Bedfellas universe, and build the fortitude needed to take on such a big endeavor. 

Do you make your own designs?

F**k yeah we do! We have a line of “mainstream” toys that we started out with and have been improving upon over the years. More recently, we have been designing our own fantasy toys that reflect Stephanie’s love of horror and nerdy stuff. 

Where will you ship?

All throughout the EU and the UK will be our main focus, with some exceptions. We will also ship worldwide if you really need that one special toy. Shipping costs and times will obviously vary depending on where you are. 

When will you be launching? 

Mid-September is the target. We will have an exact date as soon as all of the legal, businessy stuff gets settled with the Portuguese government. In the meantime, the molds are being poured, the colors are being amassed, the goodies are being ordered, and new models are being concocted.

Hope that answers your questions. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@dirtybirdytoys.com. While you’re here, make sure you sign up for our email newsletter so you don’t miss anything leading up to the relaunch!
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