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This design is called Batou (pronounced BAH-tow). The idea behind this design was that we wanted to create a dildo that had a fairly humanoid shape with some beastly flair to it.

It has a foreskin and a couple of little nubby horns on the head, as well as 4 little horns around the base. There are some veins that run along both sides of the model.

The shape of this design is very top heavy. It has a bulbous head that’s intended to settle into place, with a shaft that narrows towards the base. The balls of the base are very sturdy and allow it to stand on its own.



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Large Measurements

Total Length: 12.7cm
Usable Length: 10cm
Diameter of the Head: 3.8cm
Widest Shaft Diameter: 4.0cm
Base Diameter: 7.6cm
Total Length: 16.5cm
Usable Length: 12.7cm
Diameter of the Head: 4.3cm
Widest Shaft Diameter: 5.1cm
Base Diameter: 9.5cm
Total Length: 19.7cm
Usable Length: 14.6cm
Diameter of the Head: 5.1cm
Widest Shaft Diameter: 5.7cm
Base Diameter: 10.16cm


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