Collection: Ceela

This design is called Ceela (pronounced SEE-lah).

The idea behind this design was that we wanted to create a dildo that has a rounded tip for gentle entry that leads into a thick, smooth middle. There are some shallow grooves through the smooth portion leading into a very textured base.

The base texture is designed to be stimulating while still being easy to grip.

This toy was designed by Strange Bedfellas and was sculpted by Cranes.




Total Length 12.8cm Useable Length 10.2cm Diameter of Head 2.8cm Widest Shaft Diameter 4.3 Base Diameter 6.8


Total Length 15.8cm Useable Length 12cm Diameter of Head 3.8 Widest Shaft Diameter 5.3 Base Diameter 8.3


Total Length 20.3cm Useable Length 16.5cm Diameter of Head 5cm Widest Shaft Diameter 6.6 Base Diameter 10cm



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