Collection: Hand-Painted Bases

This is our chance to stretch our creativity and challenge ourselves. Any theme is fair game, depending on our mood. Animals? Sure. Fantasy scenes? Why not?

The base of each toy is "painted" using pigmented EcoFlex or Near Clear silicone. We then layer Near Clear* and pigment to add depth and create a 3D effect. Finally, we add one last layer of Near Clear to protect the design. Each one takes an additional hour or two (in addition to curing time) to create and each one is unique! 

These models are safe and can be used in the same way as any other toys in our catalogue.  Each layer is poured before the previous one has fully cured to prevent the chance of delaminating. However, do use a bit of care and do not subject the bases to excessive abrasion. 

*It is possible that Near Clear can discolour slightly after boiling it multiple times. If you want to preserve your toy's translucent appearance, do not submerge the clear part of the base when boiling. 

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