Collection: Ohdan

This design is called Ohdan (pronounced O-dawn). The idea behind this design is that we wanted to create a tongue toy that functioned more like a knotted toy.

It had a blunt tip for easy insertion and a lot of gentle texture all down the tongue. It is bunched up half way down to mimic the feel of a gentle knot before thinning some above the base.

The base has a lot of texture and a ring of gentle teeth designed for external stimulation. The base is wide and sturdy, so it may be suitable for riding.




Total Length: 14.6cm

Useable Length: 11.4cm

Diameter of the Head: 3cm

Widest Shaft Diameter: 5cm

Base Diameter: 10cm


Total Length: 16.5cm

Useable Length: 14cm

Diameter of the Head: 3.5cm

Widest Shaft Diameter: 6.3cm

Base Diameter: 10cm


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