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Dirty Birdy Toys is the exclusive representative for Strange Bedfellas in the EU! All products are the genuine, SB products you've come to love, now hand-made in Portugal. 

Who are the Strange Bedfellas?

"Strange Bedfellas is a homegrown shop that started up in Austin, TX USA in August of 2017.

 Meesh has been an artist all her life, and once she learned it was possible to do something as exciting as sculpting and casting her own monster-themed sex toys in her own house...well, there was no stopping her! With her husband Patrick at her side they started up Strange Bedfellas in their very small house and have been growing it ever since. About a year after opening they brought in their friend Steve to help with production and things just took off from there!

 Strange Bedfellas focuses on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind, body safe toys for their customers to enjoy. The shop has a focus on sex positivity and strives to create toys for all sorts of body types and personal preferences! Each toy design has a friendly character behind it, and each of our little friends is looking for the perfect mate. Some are looking for love and companionship, while others are just looking for a romp of a fun time with a new buddy. Monsters need love, too!"

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