Collection: Vibe Sleeves

We have 3 different designs of vibrator sleeves ready to play! These designs are based on tentacles and creature claws . All the toys feature a variety of surface textures.

These toys are intended for use with a small bullet vibrator of your choice. They were designed with intent for use with the We-Vibe™ Tango, but they will accommodate other similarly shaped bullet vibes.

We can’t officially recommend any particular other brands, but the Tango has a comparable diameter and circumference to most commercial bullet-style vibrators. The vibe cavities are also shaped so that one can insert a finger inside (if that’s the way you prefer to play with it). They are fun for both internal and external use.

A WARNING! We did not design these toys for anal penetration! They do not have flared bases that would make them anal safe, so please be aware of that feature. They are safe for vaginal penetration.


Average Measurements:

  • Average Total Length 12.7cm
  • Average Internal Depth 6.3cm
  • Average Circumference Above the Base: Between 10.6cm and 14cm
  • 28€

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