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"This design is called Ziq (pronounced like Zeek). Ziq is our entry in the great Halloweenie Collaboration of 2018 between ourselves and 8 other indie shops.

The idea behind this design was that we wanted to create a dildo that is thick with a LOT of sculpted texture. We wanted to make a big demon fist for folks to enjoy.

Ziq is thick from top to bottom, so this design is meant for folks who are already well acquainted with toy use."



Total Length 12.7cm

Useable Length 10.1cm

Diameter of the Head 4.6cm

Widest Shaft Diameter 5.3cm

Base Diameter 9.5cm


Total Length 17.7cm

Useable Length 14.6cm

Diameter of the Head 6.6cm

Widest Shaft Diameter 7.3cm

Base Diameter 12.7cm


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