About Us

Born in the US,  thrilled to be in the EU

Stephanie (head dong-smith), started making mainstream silicone toys to fill the shelves of her shop in Austin, TX. After about 10 years of experience in the body-safe and sex-positive side of the toy industry, she had a good idea of what her consumers wanted from their toys. The business (then Moontower Toys) grew to the point where a few other North American stores were carrying her toys as well.

It was during this time that the friendship with the Strange Bedfellas team was forged. Stephanie's shop was the first (and hopefully not last) retail store to carry the Strange Bedfella's monsters. After the store closed (thanks Covid, thanks Texas, etc., blah blah), it was time to jump on the chance to take the show on the road. By show, I mean dildos. By road, I mean a long visa process and plane ride with the wife and dog to Portugal.

That brings us to today! Dirty Birdy Toys is now the exclusive EU partner to Strange Bedfellas. We are also just getting (re)started with our own fantasy, nerdy, and horror designs.

Read this awesome interview we did with Fergus from Monster Smash Toys!

Both Dirty Birdy Toys and Strange Bedfellas share the same values when it comes to their toys and business:

  • We use only body-safe, platinum (addition) cure silicone in our toys
  • All of the colorants and additives we use are 100% non-toxic. The mica that we use is also cosmetic-grade and is slave labor free.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service. If you have a problem, concern, or question, don't hesitate to reach out at hello@dirtybirdytoys.com

Meet the Birdies

The Missus Shipping, financial, and logistical support wouldn't happen without Stephanie's wife on the team.  In her free time, she likes to grow green things. She's also way better at learning Portuguese than Stephanie.