This design is called Deelit (pronounced like the letter D-lit).

This toy is very similar to our older model Aelit in that it’s intended to be a beginner toy. If you intend to use Deelit for anal use, please use caution! The base does not have a strong flare.

Where Aelit is more tapered, Deelit is a bit more top heavy. It’s meant to have a thicker top that thins out towards the base. It has some gentle ribbed texture and a very slightly pointed head for ease of insertion.

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Slim Dimensions:

  • Total Length 14cm
  • Usable Length 11.4cm
  • Diameter of the Head 2.1cm
  • Widest Shaft Diameter 3.3cm
  • Base Diameter 6.3cm
Small Dimensions:
  • Total Length 14cm
  • Usable Length 12cm
  • Diameter of the Head 2.5cm
  • Widest Shaft Diameter 4cm
  • Base Diameter 7cm