Shop Policies and General Information

  • Each toy sold on the Dirty Birdy Toys website is handmade and never mass-produced. These designs are the result of the hard work and creativity of ourselves and the brand(s) we partner with. These toys are our art and we treat them as such.
  • All of the insert-able toys on this website are made from 100% platinum (additive) cure silicone. This means that they are body-safe, durable, and easy to care for. See our silicone care guide for further details.
  • The colorants and mica we use are guaranteed by our vendors to be cosmetic-grade, non-toxic and ethically sourced.
  • All of the toys that we sell are cast from 3d printed models. Each of these models have been carefully finished by hand. While we strive for perfection, any hand-made item will inevitably have some cosmetic flaws (minor finger marks, printer lines in hard-to-reach areas, etc). These imperfections are strictly cosmetic in nature and will not affect the usability or safety of the toys. If an imperfection arises that is outside of our standards, that toy will be marked as a "flop" and sold at a discount. If the flawed toy is determined by us to be unsafe for use, it will be destroyed. See our return policy for more information.
  • The toys are all washed with unscented dish soap before they are sealed in plastic bags. You may notice a faint, residual smell from either the soap or the plastic when you open your package. This is normal and will go away with a thorough washing.
  • We do our best with photo editing to accurately represent the colours and patterns of our toys. Keep in mind that all monitors and devices will show the colours slightly differently. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about a toy's colours. We do not accept returns if you are unsatisfied with the colours of your toy. See our return policy for more information.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do business with any individual or entity that fails to comply with our terms of service. Anyone caught using software, bots, or other devices when shopping with us will be banned. Suspicious-looking orders will be flagged by our payment processing company. We may cancel and refund these orders. We reserve the right not to ship to certain countries.