Tenta Twirl

This design is called Tenta Twirl. This design was originally one of our vibe sleeve options that we decided might make a nice insertable toy all on its own.

It has a nice, pointed tip that’s soft and blunt. The toy has the spiral shape of a coiled tentacle. There are some light textures on the tentacle, but the textural focus is on the ridges it forms as it twists.

This tentacle isn’t so much a wiggler as it is a twister, coiled and ready for fun!

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Small Measurements:

  • Total Length 12.7cm
  • Diameter of the Tip 3.2cm
  • Widest Shaft Diameter 4.3cm
  • Base Diameter 5cm
Medium Measurements:
  • Total Length 14.6cm
  • Diameter of the Tip 3.8
  • Widest Shaft Diameter 5cm
  • Base Diameter 5.8cm
Large Measurements:
  • Total Length 19cm
  • Diameter of the Tip 4.8cm
  • Widest Shaft Diameter 6.6cm
  • Base Diameter 7.6cm