Which Firmness?

The toys we sell come in 3 different "shore hardness" levels

  • Soft or 0030 is commonly compared to a gel shoe insole. It has a lot of squish and elasticity to it.
  • Medium or 0050 is a bit softer than an elastic band. It has less give and elasticity than 0030.
  • Firm or 10A is a little firmer than, but not as stretchy as an elastic band. It is the firmest silicone we work with, and we only offer it in the smaller toys.

It is important to remember that the size of the toy will greatly determine how soft a toy feels! A large toy has more silicone and more density than a smaller one. Therefore, a toy with a large diameter will naturally feel firmer than a narrower one. Smooth-On offers a very high quality and consistent product. However, there are sometimes slight variations in the feel of a silicone from lot to lot. This is acceptable within a small range, and customers should be aware of this.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!