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The Queen with Acid Blood

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The pictures of the Acid Blood Queen are a representation of what your toy will look like. Every one is unique and will have variations in the drip and base patterns. This model is only available in medium (0050) silicone, as the glow powder is too heavy for the soft (0030) silicone.

Get out of that hypersleep chamber and check it out! This Xenomorph-inspired toy has emerged from the shadows and is ready to give you a hug. You'll be bursting with excitement as soon as you meet it.

The Acid Blood Queen shares the same dimensions and features with the less bloody version with the addition of a green glow drip texture and stylized base design.

The Queen has a highly textured front, with some ridged "tubes" running along the sides. Its bulbous, smooth, curved head can be good for HR Gi-spot and P-spot stimulation. The Queen has a sturdy base.


  • Total Length: 23 cm
  • Usable Length: 19 cm
  • Diameter of the head at widest point: 5 cm
  • Diameter of shaft at widest point: 4.75 cm
  • Medium (0050) silicone