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Auction Batou #2

Auction Batou #2

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Auction Rules: The winner of the auction has 24 hours to pay before the next highest bidder is chosen as the winner. Shipping is not included in the price of the winning bid. Unless you are in the regions to which we ship for free, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. The total will be calculated based on the winners's location. 
Small, firm (10A), UV orange and lilac with a hand-painted base.

This is 2 of 2 Batou that we created with Dirty Birdy hand-painted bases* for auction. The base design stencil has already been destroyed, meaning there will never be another Dirty Birdy Batou! After the auction is over, the proceeds from the Batou that brings in the larger amount will be donated to charity. 

"The base of this toy is "painted" using pigmented EcoFlex or Near Clear silicone. We then layer Near Clear* and pigment to add depth and create a 3D effect. Finally, we add one last layer of Near Clear to protect the design. Each one takes an additional hour or two (in addition to curing time) to create and each one is unique!"

*This toy has biodegradable, cosmetic glitter embedded within silicone, which was again embedded in the base. This is not plastic "craft" glitter and it has not been added anywhere near what would be considered the useable portion of the toy. Since it is not plastic glitter, it is very unlikely that it will migrate out of the silicone. However, we advise that you periodically monitor the base.

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