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Bag 'o Stuff

Bag 'o Stuff

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While going through everything in our workspace in preparation for moving out, we came upon a bunch of silicone goodies that serve no purpose other than being kind of cute. This includes the birdy colour samples for our semi-customs page, some tentacles, some large and small D20's*, etc. 

We've put together a few pre-packaged grab bags of this stuff. When you order, we will pick your bag at random and will not take requests for certain items. 

Each bag will weigh about 60 grams so we can ship each one for 5€. That includes all of our overseas customers! 

*The D20's were poured in such a way that they have an uneven side where the mould opening was. They are not useable as dice and will only make your GM mad if you show up with them. They are just intended for squishing, tossing across the room for your cat, admiring, or almost anything you like besides rolling for initiative. 

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