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Custom Hand-Painted Toys

Custom Hand-Painted Toys

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When you want something really special, we can work together to make that happen. Here's your chance to request a hand-painted base, a theme like our Kintsugi theme, or something else entirely. Love the O-Possum, and want it rainbow striped against a black background? Cool! Have an image of your own that you want immortalised in silicone glory*? Awesome! 

Start with the model, size, firmness and colours of your choice (use our Semi-Customs as a jumping off point) and then email us at hello@dirtybirdytoys to let us know what else you want to add. However, your options aren't limited to the Semi-Custom models! We can add artwork to almost any toy in the Strange Bedfellas or Dirty Birdy collections*. We will then work with you to make sure that what you want is A something we can do, B will look great, and C will make you happy! The price of the custom work will depend on the complexity and size and will be decided upon before the order is finalised. 

*We will not use images that are protected by copyright or are the intellectual property of any person or entity that is not yourself. 

*Some models and sizes may not be suited to certain kinds of hand-painted artwork. 

*While we may entertain some requests for specific types of pour patterns, generally our policy that we follow with our Semi-Customs applies to our hand-painted custom artwork as well. 

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