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Semi-Custom Tenta Twirl

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Silicone Firmness

Choose your size, colours and firmness and leave the rest up to us

We are offering 3 Strange Bedfellas EU models that you can tweak to your liking. No more waiting for that perfect colour combo to show up in a drop. Whether you want to treat a loved one to the perfect toy, or you're looking for the monster you've always dreamed of to keep you warm, we've got you covered.

How the semi-customs work
  • after you've chosen which Strange Bedfellas EU model you want, you will then be able to choose the size, firmness, and colour combination.
  • pick one, two, or three colors that will be included in the price of the toy
  • some additions, such as a fourth colour, glow powder or colour shift mica will incur an extra charge
  • the Dirty Birdy team will make all decisions regarding how the colours are poured

Learn more about Tenta Twirl Here