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The Lament

The Lament

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You solved the box. We came... 

Introducing our second horror-themed toy, The Lament- It will tear your...soul...apart.

This visitor from hell has such sights to show you. It is topped with "pins" and has delightful ridges and chains down the shaft. The Lemarchand Lament puzzle box base is hand-painted. It is designed with a stable base that may be compatible with some harnesses. 

The Lament measures:
  •  22cm total length
  •  22cm usable length
  • 6cm diameter at the widest part
  • 10cm base diameter


 Available in Medium (0050) and Soft (0030) silicone

Please be aware that each Lament that is poured will be slightly different and will not be identical to the one that is pictured. 

Please also note that the version pictured is medium. The soft version will differ in appearance, including less distinct fading and marbling, and less rigidity when standing. 


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